Claudia Cárceles Román, from Girona, Spain

Currently working as Medical illustrator for the Saint George’s University (Grenada, West Indies)


Graduated in 2014 from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Girona.

I collaborated with the CEAB-CSIC in the Project LIMNOPIRINEUS, 2014.

Volunteering experience in rescue centers such as Fundació MONA (Girona), Centro de Rescate Amazónico, CREA, (Peru).


SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATOR21015720_10213767709048244_8397372886431637339_o

Master in Scientific Illustration, 2018 from the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences & Maastricht University.

As part of my thesis, 2018, I collaborated with the Nature Conservation Foundation (India) and CEAB-CSIC for the protection of dugong populations in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.