dog musculoskeletal system-01

The dog’s musculoskeletal system. Graphite & digital technic -2017-

the badger skull

Skull of the European badger (Meles meles). These animals are opportunistic foragers with omnivorous diets that include a wide range of small animals. Graphite, watercolour & digital technic -2017-

human-skeletonHuman torso skeleton. Graphite -2017-

arm-anatomyHuman forearm anatomy. Watercolor -2017-


layout option 1Frog digestive system. Watercolor (main frog, lateral view), graphite (digestive system) edited with digital technic -2017-

DIEP FLAP surgery-04DIEP flap correction and nipple reconstruction, surgical procedure. Digital, Adobe Illustrator


Intestine organoid. Digital -2018-

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